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2014 Healy Pass – Egypt Lake Overnight Tour


By; Dave A

The trip started off on a good foot Friday night at the Castle Junction Hostel. A young liquor sells rep was present and offered sells samples of their products, (as much as we wanted). Several skiers took advantage of that.

Saturday morning we arrived at the Sunshine parking lot around 8:30am for a chilly ~ -28 C start. The trail was in good condition and we made our way up to the pass stopping for lunch along the way.

Snow conditions at the pass were fairly good, several inches of power on a crusty base.

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2014 Hilda YoYo: A Tale Of Two Hostels

Hilda Yo-Yo Skiing

With such a large group we ended up staying at two separate hostels and had two very different experiences for the weekend.

Ramparts Hostel By Margo

Hilda yo-yo trip, turned more of a road trip – January 2014 This definitely was a different kind of adventure!

7 of us were staying at Ramparts with the plan to meet up with the main group plus tour leaders at Hilda on Saturday morning. Great plan, except that Mother Nature had different ideas.

We woke up to at least 12” of fresh snow and still snowing heavily. No problem, we pile into our cars and start ploughing thru. About halfway, we were stopped by a truck coming the other way, informing us they had not been able to make it past the big bend.

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Avalanche Skills Training at Lake Louise

Jock sent me some photos from what looks like another successful AST 1 Course led by Felix and Alison of El Gato Mountain Adventures.