Policies & Procedures

The cost of a weekend trip is arrived at by:
Adding the cost of accommodation, including a prorated portion of the Tour Leader’s accommodation, plus $10/weekend club levy for equipment purchase and maintenance.
Longer trips and those on the icefields cost more, since the cost of the accommodation is higher plus there may be helicopter fees etc.

Extra fees if equipment required:
$5 for an approved avalanche beacon
$no charge for an approved hoe snow shovel.
$2/weekend + $1/extra day
Car Pooling Consider car pooling where passengers share travel costs; and the driver’s share consists of the use of his car and the driving.
Food is often communal so costs are shared for those meals. Lunches and snacks are often not communal.
Training and other gear, if required,are the responsibility of the participant.

Local day toursParkland does not charge for these events. There may be travel costs – see car pooling above.

Contact the Tour Leader for more information.