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Elk Lakes December 2013 (from the eyes of a “newbie”)

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We were fortunate to get two different trip reports from Bill and Jen for the Elk Lakes tour but they both agree that it was a really cold trip!
By Bill

It was with some trepidation that I prepared for my first backcountry overnighter with the club. Not only would I have to be capable of skiing with a forty pound pack, the weather forecast was for cold and colder. Trip leader Steve B. assured me that if I could ski the hills at River Bend with a heavy pack, I could do it. As a refresher, I also availed myself of an Intro to Mountain Touring course, led by Jane and Steve D. (the other Steve) and picked up several tips. Steve B. sent out an equipment list which would prove useful (especially the down jacket).  Continue reading

Santa Updates Naughty Or Nice List On Elk Lakes Tour

A few photos from the annual Christmas tour to Elk Lakes Cabin.

Backcountry Christmas At Elk Lakes Hut

2011-12 Elk Lakes

Hello all,

I received the honor of writing the very first trip report for this year. We consisted of Steve, Kelly, Debbie, Jeff, John, David, Pat, Don, Marie and myself, Deb, and a surprise visitor to the hut Saturday evening. We all met at the Ribbon Creek hostel on Friday evening and had small visit before retiring for the night.

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