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Scenic detours on the Pipestone

Lake Louise 024_resize
Lake Louise Pipestone Mountain Trip February 1-3, 2013

Trip Leader: Richard Townell

Participants: Lorna, Dianne, Sarah, Trudy, Shannon, Dave, Deb,  Dion, Marilyn,  Nancy, Frank, Marg, Sally, Sheila, Karen & Philip, Walter & Dianne.

The group arrived at different times on Friday and easily settled in by relaxing at the local pub and enjoying a campfire at the hostel’s courtyard. The weather was clear and warm making easy driving conditions for the drivers, thank you to the drivers!

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It’s All Greek To Me


Tour leaders, Richard and Marilyn took nine of us on a beginners’ tour of the trails near Lake Louise, January 28-29. The skiers were: Frank, Trudy, Sally, Lorna, Dianne, Karen, and three new members, Sheila, Marilyn and Robert. The camaraderie and support for each other was evident in our group throughout the weekend.

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