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2014 Cool Sask Toe Tour

14. Glacier 2IMG_6433

Sask Toe Trip Report

Friday, February 21 to Sunday, February 23
Tour Leaders: Jeff and Debby Kirtzinger
Hostel: Rampart Creek

Trip members: Our fearless, capable and helpful leaders plus Dave A, Dion B, John and Linda D, Steve and Sandy I, Jock and Janet M, Marilyn S.

All arrived safely on Friday night with thanks to very good roads. Special thanks to Jeff who rescued a wayward traveller (plus wife and two teens) who had driven into the ditch near the junction of Highway 11 and 93.

Saturday morning -20°
Our merry band of 11 happy souls made the 7.5 km to the toe of the Saskatchewan Glacier in about 3 hours. We followed the tracks of what turned out to be four skiers who had gone in the night before, skied over the glacier and who spent the night somewhere up in the back and beyond.

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Blue sky and blue ice on the Sask Toe


Sask Toe Feb 9 & 10

Joining our group of 8 were 7 vets and one rookie, me Phil and that is why I am writing the trip report. The 7 vets were trip leaders Debby & Jeff, Sandy & Steve, Barb, Pat and Neil.

The group first met at Sandy & Steve’s house Feb 5th to go over plans for the trip. The first half hour was spent discussing the iitenary for the trip and dispensing safety advice for the rookie which was appreciated. The remaining hour of our meeting was to discuss what I quickly learned was the most important topic, dinner for Saturday night and who was going to bring what. On the recommendation of co-trip leader Debby, the theme was Italian which was quite a challenge having gluten free, lactose intolerant and vegetarian diets requirements of our group. There were no diet concerns when we were discussing what wine to bring for the meal. Funny that.

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Sunny Spring Skiing On Saskatchewan Glacier

Andy climbs the Saskatchewan Glacier

Andy climbs the Saskatchewan Glacier

By Steve B

The original plan was to ski up the Saskatchewan Glacier and onto Castleguard Meadows Friday, dig snow caves then climb Castleguard Mountain on Saturday and ski back out on Sunday but plans change.

Friday morning at 9:00 am nine members of the club loaded up packs and pulks at the big bend in Highway 93 and headed over the hump and onto the long approach to the Saskatchewan Glacier for the clubs final tip of the season.

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