2014 Healy Pass – Egypt Lake Overnight Tour


By; Dave A

The trip started off on a good foot Friday night at the Castle Junction Hostel. A young liquor sells rep was present and offered sells samples of their products, (as much as we wanted). Several skiers took advantage of that.

Saturday morning we arrived at the Sunshine parking lot around 8:30am for a chilly ~ -28 C start. The trail was in good condition and we made our way up to the pass stopping for lunch along the way.

Snow conditions at the pass were fairly good, several inches of power on a crusty base.

The ski down into the valley below was excellent, so good that I managed to get myself separated from the rest of the group which caused some anxiety for the other eight skiers and me. After reaching the valley bottom I followed the creek in the direction I hoped the hut was. I eventually back tracked my route and found the other eight lost skiers. I sure wish I had taken a radio when offered earlier that day.

Now that the group was all together again we continued on our way to the hut. Everyone got busy cleaning the hut, chopping wood and getting a fire started.

Seemed like minutes passed and the appetizers were on the table and water was boiling. We had a delicious meal of soup, chili and desert followed by cocktails.

The hut warmed up nicely and the group had a very comfortable sleep.

Sunday morning we had breakfast, cleaned the hut and started up the summer hiking trail to the pass. About half way up someone spotted fresh cougar tracks. Note to self, stay with the group.

When we reached the pass it was the most beautiful day ever in the mountains. Blue sky with white fluffy clouds around several mountain tops, mild temperatures and light winds. We stopped had our lunch and soaked in the vista.

The ski down to the Sunshine parking lot is always lots of fun and we all made it without too many bruises.

The trip was capped off with coffee in Canmore.

Thanks to all for a great weekend, especially our tour leader Steve B and assistant Margo C.