2015 Hilda Yo-Yo Tour

Yoyo Ski Trip     January 10th and 11th

Rampart Creek Hostel

Parkland Ski Club Meets its Match in the Mountains

At varying times Friday, January 9th, thirteen members of Parkland Ski Club met at Rampart Hostel, sharing travel stories and enjoying late dinners. So interesting to observe the varieties of chili! Maybe next year a “Chili cook off?”

Next morning after a delicious pot luck breakfast, the group set off on the 20 minute drive to Hilda Creek where we donned our skins and began the ascent led by Brenna, up the slope toward Parkers Ridge behind Hilda Hostel. What breathtaking beauty! Crisp mountain air, no wind and a mere -6 C. Too bad I couldn’t enjoy the peaceful quiet for the huffing and puffing that I was doing!! The powder was dreamlike and after about 25 minutes climb we swooshed down through the pristine snow.

Near the top of the second run while negotiating a turn I felt and heard a “pop” in my left knee and down I went, thus elected as the trip reporter for the weekend! The rest of the ski stories I unfortunately wasn’t witness to, but a little inquiring gave me the substance I needed to finish my report. Evidently there was one “aha” moment when someone of importance, not mentioning any names, landed up to his head in a tree well. I was told that his fellow skiers made fun of him before helping him out!!?

Beautiful potluck dinner Saturday night and back the next day for more fun on the slopes. Temperature wise it wasn’t as good a day but sounded like everyone got the skiing in that they wanted.

This trip is definitely worth another attempt and I for one am going to be doing a lot more conditioning beforehand. It is a challenge, but so worth it.

Janet Mackenzie