New 2013 Day Tours Added To Schedule

2011-12 Elk Lakes

Day tours are for both members and non members. If you are not a members you will be required to sign a waiver. Please call the Co-ordinator if you are interested in attending a tour, as tours may be cancelled if no interest is shown prior to one week in advance . As with Mountain trips if tours are out of town carpooling may be arranged and cost of gas is shared with passengers. Please watch for any changes or additions to the schedule.

Nov 11th Monday     Ski/Hike Riverbend  1pm at SW parking lot
                                    Linda Dickin   403-342-1913

Dec 8th Sunday        Great Chief Park at 1pm
                                   Linda Dickin  403-342-1913

Jan 18 Saturday      Upper Heritage Ranch  at 1pm ski to Maskapetoon
                                 Don Wales 403-343-2937

Feb 8 Saturday          JJ Collette at 1030
                                   Deb Kirtzinger 403-396-9748