What’s In Your Pack?

Gear Shot Web

By Steve B

With the start of the season it is time to go check your gear and make sure that everything is ready to go when the snow flies. The following is a list of items that I will usually take on a back country, mid-winter, day tour. The list may change a bit depending on the tour and the season but this will give you some idea of what goes into my 30 – 40 liter pack (1).

The first thing that I load up on is knowledge and training. This may involve a refresher first aid and avalanche course and checking the avalanche forecast before heading out.

Safety Gear:

  • Digital Avalanche Transceiver (11)
  • Metal Shovel (6) (No Plastic Shovels Allowed)
  • Avalanche Probe (10)
  • Snow Saw with home made sheath (7)
  • Personal Locator Beacon (9)
  • Waterproof Matches & Whistle (4)
  • Snow Study Kit (8)
  • First Aid/Survival/Repair Kit (4)
  • The knowledge to use the items you pack.

Most of this kit fits in an aluminum box that can be used as a pot to melt snow.
We will try to do a future article on what goes into a First Aid/Survival/Repair Kit.

Navigation Items:

  • LED Headlamp (13)
  • Map, Compass, GPS, Monocular and Guidebook (14)

Ski Gear:

  • Skis, Boots and Poles appropriate for the terrain. Climbing Skins (1)
  • Ski & Skin Wax, Ski Crampons (15)

Other Items:

  • Spare set of Mitts, Socks and Balaclava (12)
  • Down Parka (5) for lunch breaks or unexpected overnight stays
  • Disposable Hand & Toe Warmers
  • Sunglasses & Goggles (17)
  • Sunscreen & Lip Balm (16)
  • Food, Water in insulated wide mouth bottle (2) (The bottle is a great place to store some Duct & Fiberglass Tape)
  • TP & Hand Sanitizer
  • Spare Batteries
  • Two 24” Voile Straps (18) (These rubber straps have a 101 uses)

**Camera so you can send in your spectacular photos for the newsletter and website.

I have probably forgotten something on my list so let us know what you like to have in your pack?