Wilcox Pass & Glacier Lake Tour

Glacier Lake

Dave watches as Debby crosses some open water on the Howse River on the trail towards Glacier Lake

By: Jane

Departing Ramparts Hostel the temperature was -23 at 8:30 am.  30 mins later as we began are climb up to Wilcox Pass the temperature had risen to -8.  It remained a cloudless sky for the full day with temperatures reaching around +5.  The snow through the trees was good, but once out of the trees there was little snow and lots of bare areas for a while.  We lunched opposite a gently slope which became a ‘play area’ for a few people, the others choosing to languish in the sun.  We skied to the far end of the pass and contemplated skiing down Tangle Creek.  (Its definately not only women who have difficulty making decisions,it seemed the pros and cons were tossed around for ages by the gentlemen in the group!)  We returned the same way and floundered down the trail for a while before finding the good snow in the trees.

Sunday, without Margo and George (Margo injured her knee the previous day on the descent) six of us made our way towards Glacier Lake.  Another cloudless sky.  We reached the Howse River and continued our ski.  About two kms before the lake the river became too icy to continue, without even enough snow to ski on along the sides.  We returned to our vehicles about 3 only to look forward to a hike into Glacier Lake in the summer.

Steve Bennett’s photos really give the true story of our trip.  It was outstandingly beautiful with great company to enjoy it with. Thanks Steve Bennett, Margo, George, Dave, Jeff and Debby for the good times.

Steve (TL) and Jane (Assist) Davies

PS.  The club is actively seeking a marriage counsellor to provide counselling to TLs and Assists who run a trip together!