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October 2011 Denali Presentation By Mike Spencer


By Mike Spencer

This October meeting I would like to show some pictures taken this spring during a climb of Denali (Mt Mckinley according to the map) by myself, Lucille and Domhnall…and about 1000 other people. The success rate is generally around 54% and all three of us made it to the summit therefore beating the average and causing 2.75 other people to not summit.  And did I mention Lucille was along so of course we had the summit to ourselves in perfect, sunny, no wind conditions. Luck has a lot to do with it as several of the teams that were there ahead of us had been pinned down at various camps for a week and when the weather broke getting down was the only thing they were worried about. We saw a few of these folks in Talkeetna the night before we flew into the mountain, and they definitely were looking much worse for wear. Hope to see you October 11th at Kerrywood.


Hosted By: Parkland XC Ski Club
Date: Tuesday October  11, 7:30 PM
Location: Kerry Wood Nature Centre