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Elk Lakes Tour – 28, 29 November 2015

The Elk Lake Hut Backpack Trip, Saturday/Sunday 28th 29th Nov. 2015.  Thanks Tudor for the trip report.

Sunny skies and great skiing weather, compared to last year’s -30 and cancelled. The set tracks  and snow conditions very good. Depth of snow 40 cm on our downhill to hut. Temp: -19 at start at trail head parking, to plus in afternoon sun. We were eight: Kelly, Linda, Judy, Barb, Amanda, Bob, Dion and Tudor; and Saturday sleepover with four others in the hut.DSCF2017 DSCF2014 DSCF1982

Backcountry Backpacked Steed.

We’re off the set tracks;

Barb’s behind pulling bobsleigh,

and whipping this unbroken back country bronco

on a rough tracked carousel.


I wobble, mogul my way

down the steep Hydro cut line,

levelling off at times;

and on challenging mid section,

bucked off many times

into feathery deep snow…

….my head a merry-go-round,

getting no-where fast,

but past the saying:

three tries for a Welshman!


After my eighth, I prank off my skis –

“I’ll walk,” and duly stepped through

the thin packed upper crust,

to the knee deep base.


Fall after fall, takes my stuffing.

With Alpine Christmas-turkey-supper ahead,

back on, couple more blips,

then near perfect bottom section

to the hut.

Many a but, but not beaten.


Back out, a re-waxed new day,

through overnight gloriously cut diamond snow,

uphill to track set, with rocking horse stability…

…and stable tracked sprint to finishing post.


Next year, skins for sure.

©  Tudor (this, my first Club trip, first loaded backpack, and mogul like downer)

Many thanks to Kelly and Linda our trip leaders, and all for your preparation, company, advice, fun.

Pine Tar and Paraffin

John and Linda hosting the annual Pine Tar and Paraffin Party.  Absolutely skinless but waxing poetic over the pizza, having covered all bases!  November 21 2015

Off with the old!

Off with the old!

Loading up

Loading up

First Day Tour of the Season!

November 11, 2015 Ski/Hike at Riverbend

Intrepid adventurers wading through trampled grass!

Intrepid adventurers wading through trampled grass!

Flurries left just a hint of snow and skiers longing for more. The trails were bursting with views and fresh air which Les Parson spoke of the previous night. Partaking in the afternoon hike were Lorna, Richard, Greg,  Betty Lou, Kirsten, Brian, Carol, John and Linda

Have a wonderful spring & summer in
Red Deer

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