Excerpts From Newsletters of Yesteryears The Parkland Poets


A self-imposed duty, as club secretary, has been that of reviewing the mass of paper that arrived at my house, turned over to my keeping by the previous secretary.  Thus, I am sorting and reading and reading. Most fascinating are the old newsletters.

However, before I share from them, I need to say my reading of the club history left me in awe of and full of admiration for the many club members who contribute to the success of the club year after year after year often simultaneously wearing multiple “club hats”.

Now, some excerpts from the many poems that were part of yesteryear’s newsletters.

The sun shines bright, snow’s getting brittle.
I think I better get a little
Practice in before the race
To have a chance against the ace.

The gliding’s good, the snow is quick
On top of ice- and in the nick
Of time I come upon the hut.
I should go ’round and turn, yes, but
My speed is getting – oh! so heady!
Keep going on – light, straight and steady.

( Two stanza’s from a poem by Margrit de Graff)

More steep inclines
Bob’s binding broken
Whiskey Jacks calling

The creek flows homeward
ever downward rushing
mountain immortality

 (haikus written in 1991-poets Jim, Bob, Frank, Elke, Norm and Marie)

My arms are wings, I’m in control,
But now I’m beginning to slow.
Oh joy, oh joy another chance,
another kick, another dance

 (poem penned by Bob Johnstone) 

skiing is pleasure but falling
is grief and a snowy
cold lip stand is
hard on the teeth

(from a poem titled On Top of Old Skoki 1993- poet(s) unknown)

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