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Ski/Hike day Tour at Riverbend


The weather blessed us with ample snow so we were able to strap on the skis for the first ski of the season. The air was crisp with hints of sun as four members, Pat, Sheila, John and Linda eagerly glided on fresh packed snow on the perimeter trail.  What a treat as the past few years it’s been tying on the hiking boots. It was great to get in some early season conditioning  on snow, just a taste of the season to come.


Moonlight DSCF2285

On January 6th, 2012 a group of 8 skiers took advantage of a beautiful
moonlite night and skied from Great Chief Park to the ponds area at Hertiage
Ranch.  Following our evening warmed up with a yummy chili potluck and
sharing of adventures at the Dickin residence.

Riverbend Day Tour

A beautiful fall hike enjoyed by Celia, Sheila and Linda at Riverbend trails. Lots of conversation and anticipation for snow and ski days. We observed a pileated woodpecker as he drank sap from the spruce tree. After the pileated friend flew off; Celia observed that the pecker had been very busy in the area. There were numerous holes in the trees. A great start to some early ski conditioning.  Submitted by Linda

Early season skiing, where to find the snow?

Nigel Pass Dec 2009, Nigel Pass Dec 2009

This is the fidgety time of the year, you can only wax your skis, sharpen your edges and check for loose screws so many times before you have to get out and find some snow. So what are your best bets for early season skiing?

I have seen a few online reports of skiers getting out on Rae and Robertson Glaciers but you may have to hike a bit to get to decent snow and be prepared for the hazards of glacier travel.

Looking over some of the Mountain Condition Reports from the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides [ACMG] it sounds like there is significant snow accumulating in the Columbia Icefields area but the recent warm weather may have melted that away.

– For current Mountain Condition Reports from the ACMG check out:

Moraine lake road in Banff National Park closes in early fall and does not require a lot of snow coverage to make it skiable. The road offers several kilometers of track-set skiing and an easy downhill on the way back.

– Check out the Ski Here! online blog for lots of local cross-country ski information:

The Canmore Nordic Centre has man-made snow in some areas which can help get a jump on the season and this year they built a small ski loop from snow stored over the summer. Contact them to check on current trail conditions: (403) 678-2400.

You might also find some early season skiing up at Chester Lake in Kananaskis Park.

Be aware that even early in the season avalanches can still be a factor!